Ta Kiong Supermarket

Built on a 23000 sq feet of floor space, TA KIONG Supermarket at The Spring, KUCHING carries a class of its own. Since opening on 10 JAN 2008, the team at TA KIONG has committed to bring fine foods from all around the world to home. We are passionate in what we do as we believe our customers, like us, appreciate fine foods that the world has got to offer. We also carry a wide range of locally produced fine foods that everyone enjoys since childhood.

At TA KIONG, our principles are simple:

  • Proper selection of quality products,
  • Order direct from overseas to keep pricing affordable and to offer products with maximum freshness.
  • In touch Customer Service team who are ever-ready to listen and serve.

We love what we do and constantly striving for varieties to cater customers with changing tastes and different needs.

Your feedbacks are valuable to us we believe it would make us a better fine food provider.

So please feel free to drop a few comments on our customer’s comment section.

Come to our store today and being part of the “wonderful world of fine foods”.