Application of LOTUS CARD (Kuching) / TA KIONG CARD (Sibu) / TQ CARD (Miri)

How to become a member?

  • Step 1 : Please approach customer service counter to fill up the application form. NRIC or passport must be presented for this purpose.
    * Annual membership fee = RM 10
  • Step 2 : Once you’ve received the card, you can use it to earn points whenever making a purchase in Ta Kiong Supermarket.
    * Normally, every RM 1 of purchase = 1 Lotus point
  • Step 3 : For points redemption, please refer to our points conversion table.

Renewal of cards

  • Lotus card is valid for 1 year only. You will need to pay RM10 to renew the card as it expired. Again, you would earn 50 points upon renewal of card.


  • Easy conversion of points to cash vouchers.
  • Enjoying the benefits offered on our Member’s Day Promotions either weekly or monthly, especially on our imported goods.
  • Self generated cash voucher when reaches 1000 points. Points are deducted automatically from the total balance accumulated at the time of redemption.
    ( eg.1000 Lotus points – RM 10 cash voucher )
  • Earn double reward points on certain promotional periods or items.
  • No expiry date on the points. However the status of your membership must be valid at the time you wish to make points redemption.