Imported Meats

We carry a popular range of HALAL Beef and Lamb Meat from Australia and New Zealand. All imported meats derived from pollution free farms. Cattle are grain fed with no herbicides, pesticides of hormones used. Chilled Beef are especially Air-Flown from Australia. We have invested in top class meat chiller and freezer display cases from France. This would give us the consistency in ambient that keep freshness of meat in its top condition. We have strict policies of monitoring the consumable period on meat products as we support very much the idea of hygiene and healthy eating.

Most meat cuts arte available and any special requests are welcome and served by our experience butcher team.

Small Goods

We also have a good range of small good products available such as ham, salami, sausages, smoked beef pepperoni etc.


Others available are Fresh Salmon, marinated chicken and lamb, steamboat meat, fresh chicken cut’s etc.